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After Graduation

After Graduation

Letter of de-registration (Exmatrikulation)

The letter of de-registration is a paper which is issued by the Student Services Centre (building 21.02) and which contains the date you have completed your studies.

To receive the letter of de-registration you need to fill in the de-registration form (in German only), which can be found here. In order to fill in the de-registration form, please go to the library and close your account. You will then get a confirmation about the closure of your library account on the de-registration form. Please hand in the de-registration form together with your record of study (a blue folder which you have received at the beginning of your studies) at the Student Services Centre.

How to do a Ph.D. in Germany

General information for graduates interested in Ph.D. studies in Germany:
Tips for doctoral students and those who want to become doctoral students