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Structure of the Study Programme

Structure of the Master Programme of European Studies

SWS = semester periods per week (indicates the number of teaching units required per course. A course usually involves 2 SWS)

CP  = credit points (indicates the student workload according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, ECTS. 1 CP corresponds to a 30 hour workload)

undefinedPDF file of the structure

The European Community Course Credit System (ECTS)

The ECTS is based on the allocation and transfer of academic credits. The system was successfully tested in 145 European institutions of higher education in all EU states and EFTA countries. It was developed as an instrument to improve academic co-operation between European universities by means of an effective and common procedure. ECTS serves as a modul of academic recognition, as it provides a greater transparency in regard to study programmes and student achievements. ECTS in no way regulates the content, structure and/or equivalence of study programmes. These are issues of quality which are to be determined by the individual higher education institutions.

ECTS-Credits are allocated to each course unit. 60 credits represent the workload of an academic year of study. Each institution produces an information package as a guide to all courses available to ECTS students. Students receive a transcript of records listing all successfully completed courses, together with a diploma supplement. The diploma supplement comprises all information about the structure and contend of the study programme which is relevant for academic exchange and academic or vocational applications.

Module handbook

The module handbook documents the current study program of the MA in European Studies. The study program is structured into modules, combining different courses and other events under a common motive. The handbook details options for choice, participating teachers, student assignments, and related examinations. Module handbooks will be updated regularly.

The current module handbook can be found here: module handbook

The updated official version and older versions of the European Studies module handbook are published on the faculty's website.

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